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Air Pirates

April 12 Every Price Has Its Man

Herb gets an offer that drags him and smokestack into the underground world of espionage.  Mistaken for the gunman Herb has not only save the day but saves his skin in the process.

May 10 It Aint Over til The Fat Lady Swings

Herb and his sidekick Smokestack El Ropo must find the mysterious killer of Regina Dupree a portly swing dancer before Detective Sawyer collars the duo for a crime they did not commit.

June 14 Not All Fortunes are Found in Cookies

After entering the mysterious world of China Town, Herb Marks must decipher the clues and unravel an age-old mystery.  A long the way he falls for the exotic Suki Wong.

July 12 Make Me An Offer I Can Refuse

Herb is neck deep in the family matters of the “Family”.  Hired to follow the Don’s philandering wife our hero winds up in an organized mess that proves to be more crime than he banked on.

August 9 That Tramp May be a Lady

Hired to save the reputation of a once famous movie star Herb gets caught up in the adult film industry.  The situation deteriorates into murder and politics as Herb and Smokestack zero in on the real culprit.

September 13   Time Wounds All Heels

Takes the diminutive detective Herb Marks into the bizarre world of cults and secret societies.  The comedy-mystery begins as Herb is hired to locate the missing heir to a lingerie fortune and ends with Herb and Smokestack more confused than ever.


Tickets $20

Season Subscription  $60 (all eight shows for the price of six)

Ft. Lox Bagels Pine Bush

June 6 Tica Maroo Space Cadet: Is This the Beginning?

The fantastic tale of Tica Maroo and her loyal crew begins with their first assignment…Bring Peace and Prosperity Products to the outer reaches of space and sign on two planets that will sign on two planets and begin to build a marketing empire.

Dinner Theater $30

Performance Only $15


The Meadows 270 Schutt Road Middletown, NY

June 21 Los Tres Balceneros: I’d Rather be Grateful than Dead

Pappy Lynch’s Recuperatin Tonic causes nothing but grief for our heroes. Trapped in a mine they resort to Grateful Dead music to save the day.

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