Can PEP provide free or volunteer services from artists or performers?
At PEP we believe artists are a vital part of a community and should be compensated for their services. Some artists do have personal causes they themselves support but this is not a service of PEP.

How much are your services?
Production and event planning services vary in price. For more information about our pricing, please contact us by telephone or email.

What affects the price of my event?
Factors that may affect the total cost of your event is the date, time of year, location, duration of the event and services required.

Do you have access to free venues?
PEP has strong working relationships with a variety of different service providers and can make connections and partnerships. These often result in space, production services or sponsorships.

Can you help us make our next production special?
PEP has the experience and creativity needed to make any production truly unique Whether its lighting, sound, staging, marketing, or promotion, PEP can provide for all your needs.

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