In 2017 the Village of Warwick is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the incorporation of the Village, which coincided with the railroad connection to NYC.

This is the moment that Warwick changed.

The Warwick Valley transformed from a self-sustaining agricultural community into a commercial agricultural community. With better access to the city, the Village began attracting newcomers.

During these 150 years, the entire make-up of Warwick’s citizenry has changed and is changing all the time.

Confabulation is a community performance piece built on the stories from the people who live and work in the Warwick Valley.

We are building this piece together, and want to hear from you. Story sessions are planned, so tell us your personal family stories from the past 150 years.

These are not oral histories about Warwick; they are the stories that have been passed from generation to generation and belong to the people. These stories could be about anything, and may or may not be factual.

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